Hall of Fame for shepherds who kept the faith before the Denver Consecrations in 1978. The Anglican Episcopal Church North America (AECNA) was one of several jurisdictions pre-dating the 1977 Congress of St. Louis. The AECNA was largely a West Coast phenomena. The majority of early-AECNA clergy left Bp. Dee’s Anglican Orthodox Church (AOC) by 1973 in order broaden the continuing Anglican church, incorporating both high and low in liturgy. Bp. Adams described this as effort, “low church Anglo-Catholic”. The AECNA’s doctrine was summed by a straight-forward Solemn Declaration, written in 1975, which rejected any pretense for prayer book revision as well as women clerics. After the death of the AECNA Primus, Walter H. Adams, the remainder of AECNA parishes scattered into jurisdictions eventually present at Bartonville. Today a surprising number of these parishes are in ACNA and/or affiliated churches.  Upon the 49th Anniversary of the AOC, Bishop Ogles reminded the importance to keeping a memory of pioneering clergy and laity like Bp. Adams:

“Many of our best and brightest have passed from this earthly struggle to their reward with Him who first loved them. They are our stones of remembrance. We have graven their names in our hearts and upon our memories. their courage, in holding high the Light of the Gospel Ensign, has sustained and encouraged us to continue on the Field of Battle and to forsake not the Ancient Landmarks with which the Lord of Hosts has entrusted us. Many of our people grow old, but their spirit is not diminished by any loss of hope or valor. They, and those whose passing we memoralize, are the lively stones always before the Face of our Lord”– Stones of Remembrance’, Bishop Jerry L. Ogles (AOC) 2007

The Rt. Rev. Walter Hollis Adams (AECNA) (1907-1991) A moderate Anglo-catholic. Consecrated by William E. Littlewood at Fountain Valley, St. Luke’s in the Hills, on 1971 whereupon he was elected AECNA Primus. His Council of Anglican Bishops was the first continuing group to build a church by federation. This would provide a model for future federative efforts like Leonard’s Proposal 3, Benning’s Anglican Church-US, and even Grundorf’s FACA. Bishop Adams was most active in Northern California. 

1. Anglican Orthodox at the Gospel Swamp

2. The Bellevuelle Council

3. Union with the American Episcopals

4. The Diocese of St. Paul

5. Graham’s Proposal

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